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Murder Mystery Events


VSE sponsors and hosts annual Murder Myster Events with orignal stories featuring original characters with complex and inter-woven back stories.
These events are invitation only.
If you would like to purchase the content for your own private event, email us at  Pricing negotiable.

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Novemberr 2019
The Stranger In Black
Set in Los Angeles in 1949, the reclusive millionair Hubert Howard has invited powerful and influential people to a private dinner party to discuss the future of Los Angeles.

A stranger arrives among the guests and starts asking a lot of uncomfortable questions, and things get out of hand when someone is murdered. Discovering the identity of the Stranger is the key to solving the mystery.

Story and characters by Brian Magner
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October 2020
The Haunted Mansion
A young literature Professor has just inherited an old family estate that, by all credible accounts, is haunted.  He has invited several of his University colleagues to a social gathering to experience,  evaluate and formulate scholarly opinions on the origins and causes of the estate's mysterious nature.

However, not all of the guests are freindly to each other, some of them professionally and personally antagonistic.  A legitimately haunted house might provide cover should some misfortune befall a rival.

Story and characters by Brian Magner
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