Custom TD Services

Character Rigging, Automation, Custom scripts for all requests 

Custom Scripts and Automation

For the last ten years I've been implementing custom script solutions that have saves hundreds of hours labor, reducing complex and reptetive tasks into fast, automated systems.

Bulk processing of files, texture management, secondary animation, randomization, and whatever your project needs. Tool sets and custom scripts are always designed to be artist-friendly.

I was an artist and animator long before I began programming, so I always think like an artist/animator and design tools and systems that are easy to navigate and require the least amount of steps possible.

Character Rigging:

You provide the meshes and I add the rig at a small fee.

Some character generators such as Mixamo and Reallusion's Character Creator 3 provide characters with existing skeletons. I have built a system around applying the vse rig while keeping the existing skeletons and preserving workflow with game engines and mocap applications. 
Export your assets from CC3 directly to game engine, animate in Maya with vse rig, export animation from maya on CC3 skeleton.

The animation tools included in the vseTools provides a lot for working with the vseHuman rig (h301), including a walk cycle generator and a basic pose library.
The basic animation tools will also be usable on custom character rigs, but not scripts spedifically written for h301.

Prices are a rough estimate and are negotiable based on studio size and budget.  Bulk orders at lower prices may be available.

Estimated Pricing (Discounts Available):

vse Human Rig

Current Version: h301  (aka human rig v301)

Mocap-friendly, Engine-ready standardized human rig to ensure stabiltiy and consistency to your previs or animation projects.
Standardized controls and bind skeletion ensures that animation can be copied and applied from one rig to another both in Maya and in Game engines.

Works with Studio Library and vseTools' Animation Tools to apply, mirror and copy animation and poses with ease.

Separate Mocap skeleton consistent with most downloadable content that drives the fk rig controls.  This allows fk animation to be additive to your mocap animation without loss.

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